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Top 5 Scientists who were All-Rounders

Top 5 Scientists who were All-Rounders

Whenever we are asked to jot down the list of best scientists in the world, it’s always a tough crowd as there are so many to choose from. With the introduction of scientific webinars scientists and professionals in the industry share their research and findings all the time. We learn science for a major part of our life, and still, we are aware only of very few inventions. If you take a deep look at the list, we will be able to realise the fact that the people on the list are very common names that even a person who hardly went to school would know. So here we are to hone our knowledge. The names in the list aren’t new. You already know them just as artists, mathematicians but not as scientists. So with no further delay let us get to the list.

Top 5 Scientists who were All-Rounders

Nikola Tesla

You might call us weird for holding Tesla’s name out of all the scientists in the world. Most of you would have even forgotten Tesla by now. No matter what you think, Tesla is one of the greatest minds to have ever walked the earth. Not many of you know that he was such a futurist. As early as in the early 1900s he had a close to perfect design of something that we today call the smartphone. Unlike what we assume by his looks and for the fact that he was a geek, Tesla had a good sense of humour. He was a physicist, an inventor and an engineer as well.

Leonardo Da Vinci:

The great artist all times is silently acknowledged as a great scientist as well. He is one of the brilliant minds of the earth, and it is very much important to note that Da Vinci was the man behind the design of the helicopter. If it were not for Da Vinci’s exhuming efforts, we wouldn’t have the first biology diagram that we humbly remember even today as the “Vitruvian Man’. He is regarded as one of the greatest engineers of the history.


This is one man highly regarded as the greatest scientist, a wonderful mathematician and an engineer. Archimedes is one of the prominent names in the ancient history. There came a lot of scientists after that, but even today we hail Archimedes for the timeless contributions that he made as a mathematician and a scientist.

Thales of Miletus:

As early as in the 6th century, a period in which people had unnecessary and violent thoughts about science and nature, it was Thales of Miletus who came out with an explanation for the natural phenomenon. Adored as the one the first scientists of the earth, he played a major role in constituting mathematics as a subject by laying a base for it. :

Benjamin Franklin:

Just like Tesla, Franklin was one of the big names even during this period. Every that Franklin touched turned into an invention, and that is the reason why Franklin is adored even today. Will it sound a little crazy that he as one among the people who found America? Crazy, but true. He has different dimensions as a person. He was a scientist, a printer and was an active statesman and an activist.

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Top 3 Conspiracy Theories of Science that will Never Cease to Exist!

Top 3 Conspiracy Theories of Science that will Never Cease to Exist!

The world has never run short of conspiracy theories. But what is a conspiracy theory? In simple terms, it is when an unexplainable event is backed by an impossible explanation. Yes, that is how you define a conspiracy theory, at least in science. Sometimes we truly know that the chances of a particular event happening are very less, but still, we believe that it has happened, and we also give it impossible reasoning. This is conspiracy theories are generated in science.

Top 3 Conspiracy Theories of Science that will Never Cease to Exist!

Conspiracy theories and science:

Science is one field that has never run short of conspiracy theories. Are black holes true? Is Bermuda triangle the Eden garden? Will Sun turn black on the judgement day? These are some of the scientific theories for which we have always wanted an answer, and we all have one as well. The best part of these conspiracy theories is that you always want your theories to be proved right. What if it were true? This is the point that rates every scientific theory high. So here are the top three conspiracy theories of science that can hardly be proved wrong.

The Chemtrail:

It is always great fun to watch flights fly, and that is the reason as to why we all have had equal chances of witnessing the flights leave a smoke trail when they leave. The smoky trails are lovely to see. But have you ever imagines what they are? If you have ever thought that a different country is trying to attack us by leaving a hazardous chemical deposition in the country through these smoke trails, you are not alone. Many people believed in this conspiracy theory. So one of the biggest universities in the world came up with the idea of conducting an extensive survey on the same. The team comprised of 77 scientists. Most of the scientists claimed that it wasn’t a conspiracy at all and that the smoke trails were nothing but normal vehicle emission, but one of the 77 felt different and stated that the theory was true.

Big Foot:

The belief that the animals that we believe that the animals that we say have gone extinct do exist even today. This is one theory that we apply to almost all fictional and ancient animals that we strongly believe have walked the earth long back. Science is no short for such theories. One such theory is the existence of the Bigfoot. The Big Foot theory stated that Hominids that have once existed and later scientifically proved that they have ceased to exist still live. The craziest thing about the theory is that they are more often associated with bears. Though theories have been proved wrong, people still believe in the existence of Bigfoot even today.

The Microwave Story:

Since the day we went into the technology that could heat things for us we have been invited into the confusion of whether it is good or bad to eat heated food. While one sector of the people strongly believe that the health and the nutritional value of the food deteriorate as a result of heating a few don’t believe the same. But as per the analysis, it finally came down to a favourable conclusion that heating or not didn’t have a nutritional impact, or maybe that is negligible. By the idea of differences is a never-ending tale.

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